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Electronic & Electrical components

Active and passive components

Active & Passive components

Diode, rectifier, LED, transistor, MOSFET, resistor, rheostat, capacitor and more


Convert electrical power into radio waves and vice versa
cable assemblies

Cable & Cable assembly

Get a physical interface to connect and close an electrical circuit
Circuit breaker

Circuit breaker

Device which stops the flow of electric current in an overloaded electric circuit
Electric plugs & Sockets

Electric plugs & Sockets

Device that allows electricity from a primary power source to connected equipment
Display technologies

Display devices

Converts electrical signal to electronic display to present information in visual
Embedded systems

Embedded systems

Integrate software and hardware for dedicated function with real time computing
Fiber optics

Fiber optics

Flexible, transparent fiber to communicate between two ends
Laser instruments & Devices

Laser instruments & Devices

Emits light through optical amplification based on stimulated emission of radiation for accuracy
Measurement and analysis instruments

Measurement & Analysis instruments

Find devices to measure and analyze electrical pulses
Microcontroller and microprocessors

Micro controller & Processors

Single integrated circuit to process according to instructions provided
Power sources

Power sources

Primary source that converts stored energy to electrical energy
Printed circuit boards or PCB

Printed circuit boards

Board which mechanically supports and electrically connects using conductive tracks
Sensors and transducers

Sensors & Transducers

Detect events and converts signals from one form to another
Solar and Renewable energy products

Solar & Renewable energy products

From radiant light and heat energy from sun to electrical energy