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Industrial machines

agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery

Hand tools to tractors for all your farming or any other agricultural needs
textile machinery

Apparel & Textile machinery

Machines from weaving to knitting, dying to printing, spinning to finishing
conveyor and transmission equipments

Conveyor & Transmission

Quick and efficient transportation of material from place to place with these systems
cranes & forklifts

Cranes & Forklifts

With the right crane you can move the world. Choose from a wide range of lifting equipment here
Earth moving equipments

Earth moving equipment

Heavy duty vehicles for earthwork operations to get your project completed
elevator & escalators

Elevators & Escalators

Search for vertical transportation to move goods or people between floors
food & beverage machinery

Food & Beverage

Machines to process raw ingredients to food product within your reach
furnace & boilers

Furnace & Boilers

Find effective and efficient high temperature heating devices for your needs
Hydraulic & Pneumatic equipments

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Get machines which uses pressurised fluid power to complete heavy work
Industry laser equipments

Industry laser equipment

Search an industrial laser for manufacturing applications like cutting and welding with precision
machine tool

Machine tool

Best in class machines for shaping, machining, drilling, boring and more
metal forming equipment

Metal forming

Metal working machines for rolling, extrusion, forging, bending and more
Packaging and labelling machinery

Packaging & Labelling

Innovative industrial packaging machines for your labelling and packaging uses
printing machine

Printing machine

Industrial printers for quick and mass production of printed works
Refrigeration & Heat exchange equipment

Refrigeration & Heat exchangers

Search for commercial refrigerator and freezer units or large cold room here
surface coating & painting equipments

Surface coating & Painting

Automated or hand held paint spray equipment, surface coating equipment and more
Testing and measuring equipments

Testing & Measuring equipment

Find high quality test and measurement solutions for greater performance at lower cost
Wood working machinery

Wood working

Choose from a wide selection of wood carving machines to cut and design a wood