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Repairs & Maintenance

AC repair

Air conditioner repair

Get your air conditioning serviced by one of these experienced personnel
Automobile repairs

Automobile repair

Find technicians for two wheeler, four wheeler or even heavy vehicle repairs
Automobile tyre maintenance

Automobile tyre maintenance

Maintain tires to provide better contact with the road surface and even to increase shelf life
bag repair shop

Bag repair

Restore your worn or damaged bags from one of these bag repair services
Bedding and cushion repair

Bedding and cushion repair

Restoration and replacement of bedding and cushion is quite easy from these centers
camera repair

Camera repair

Find better centers to restore your camera functioning
computer repair shop

Computer repair

Computer repair technician to service and maintain your computer and servers
electrical repair shop

Electrical repair

Repair centers around you to repair or restore function of electrical equipment
Electronic repair shop

Electronic repair

Leading electronics repair centers to fix your electronic gadgets
elevator repair

Elevator repair

Get the best technician to maintain, repair or modernize your elevator with a better quote
shoe repair shop

Footwear repair

Find cobbler nearby to restore your worn or torn footwear
sofa repair shop

Furniture repair

Services to repair your furniture and make it look as good as new one
gas stove repair shop

Gas stove repair

If you find a malfunctioning gas stove or hob, just a click away to repair it
generator repair

Generator repair

Find repair services or a quick help to fix your generator
inverter repair

Inverter repair

Repair or restore your inverter in an affordable price
Jewelry repair

Jewelry repair

Jewelry repairs with excellent workmanship and superior customer service
Laptop repair shop

Laptop repair

Service or upgrade laptop peripherals from these best in class repair services
mobile repair

Mobile phone repair

Get repaired or restore your faulty mobile phones or smart phones at your comfort
refrigerator repair

Refrigerator repair

Need a refrigerator repair services? Our expert service technicians are ready to help
sewing machine repair shop

Sewing machine repair

Trained professional to maintain and repair your sewing machine with good price
Clothes repair shop


Stitch and finish your customized designs by professionals around you
washing machine repair

Washing machine repair

Restore your washing machine from these expert technicians
watch repair shop

Watch repair

Repair modern to vintage watches with experts and affordable service charges
water purifier repair

Water purifier repair

Repair water purifier to remove harmful substances and add essential mineral